Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity. They are dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease.

Their cutting-edge research is focused entirely on breast cancer. They have already made enormous progress in understanding the disease.

Breast Cancer Now is bringing together the brightest minds to discover how to prevent breast cancer, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it effectively at every stage.

And they are finding ways to stop secondary breast cancer – when the disease spreads to other parts of the body – which cuts short 1,000 UK women’s lives each month. Every breakthrough made is rooted in the realities of women affected by the disease.

Breast Cancer Now is the catalyst that connects the laboratory bench with the hospital bedside, the GP’s office, the MP’s surgery and the policies that govern the health service. Through their policy work, they take what is discovered in the lab and work to make it available to everyone affected by the disease.

They make the voices of patients and their families heard, and support the health service to champion their needs.

Breast Cancer Now’s public health campaigns help thousands every year become breast cancer aware and empower them to take action to reduce their risk of the disease.

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