Project Description

Security Patrolling

CIA Fire and Security offer a highly professional and visible mobile Security Patrolling Division manned by fully trained security guards. By working with our clients, we ensure that their premises get the right amount of coverage to provide the best level of protection.

Secure patrols are a constant visual deterrent to would be criminals as well as prompting early detection and rapid responses to hazardous emergencies that can arise out of business hours.

Patrolling is a proactive and cost effective way of ensuring your property is being looked after at all times. Our guards are trained to deal with the unexpected and will make the necessary arrangements to rectify any incidents that occur.

Our guards will:

  • Patrol in highly visible CIA patrolling vehicles, including 4x4s for remote locations and bad weather conditions
  • Wear identity badges and security uniforms at all times
  • Erect warning signs across the site to provide initial deterrent
  • Patrols can consist of, but are not limited to:
  • Pre-determined and/or random nightly inspections
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Internal and external building inspections including securing windows and doors

Other examples of duties that our guards can perform whilst on patrol are:

  • Fire Alarm testing
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Lone worker accompaniments
  • Lock-ups and un-locks
  • Contractor supervision